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Digitalhjälpen med Karl Lill har sommarledigt, men är tillbaka igen 21/8.

Avgifter, omlån m.m.

Här har vi samlat svaren på de vanligaste frågorna vi brukar få.

Biblioteksplan Trelleborgs bibliotek.

Biblioteksplan Trelleborgs bibliotek.


Do you want to read the latest issue of a magazine, find an article or search for facts on a particular topic? Then you can use the library's databases! You can access all the databases from the library's computers. You can also use many of the databases from home if you log in with a library card number and PIN code.
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Submit purchase suggestions

Here you can make purchase suggestions for books, CDs, films or anything else that you think the library should buy.
Lämna inköpsförslag

Books in many languages

Libraries have books, magazines and journals in many different languages. When searching for books, you can choose to display only books that are in a specific language.

The book is coming

If you can not come to the library, then the library can come to you. The service is for you who due to age, long-term illness or disability have difficulty taking you to the library.
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Custom books

The libraries have help for you who have difficulty reading printed books. We have books with great style, easy-to-read books, easy-to-read books with CDs and talking books.

Application for interlibrary loan

Does the library not have the book you want to borrow? In that case, we can order books from other libraries, both in Sweden and abroad. It is called making an interlibrary loan. It is also possible to order articles from newspapers and magazines.
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På Centralstationen har vi en smartlocker. Den kan du använda för att låna och lämna tillbaka böcker till Trelleborgs bibliotek.

Biljetter och bokning

Här hittar du information om biljetter och bokning till bibliotekets arrangemang.